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The Great Story Of Perfect Pick Ltd.

Perfect Pick Ltd. was founded in May 2020 by  Jerry and Eddie Zakaria. With massive success in their previous greenhouse and farming grow, the two brothers are back at it again with 22 acres of top quality greenhouse produce.

Going Back to 1975

Perfect Pick operation didn’t happen overnight. It first started with Bill Zakaria whom founded Zakaria Produce in 1975.

With Bill’s experience and success he introduced his son’s Jerry and Eddie Zakaria to the produce industry at a young age. They have lived and breathed the produce industry which is built in their DNA.

As they always strive for the highest quality possible using the most advanced cutting edge technology and techniques, the produce you get will always be fresh and flavourful.

Tomato on the Vine

Beef Steak Tomato

Cherry Tomato

Roma Tomato

Green Bell Pepper

Shepherd Pepper

Chili Pepper

chili pepper

Hungarian Pepper

Green Long Hot Pepper

Red & Green Bell Pepper

Yellow Long Hot Pepper

Black Eggplant

Graffiti Eggplant

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